Saturday, June 15, 2013

Make a “Work of Art” from this – The Result

It was an “Event” on Google+. I provided a decent, but flawed, photo with the challenge to “Make a Work of Art from this”. (See post Can you make a “Work or Art” from this?).

To my great delight 19 photographers took the challenge and submitted 23 entries (including two from myself). All of them are delightful, amazing, creative, imaginative, and well done. Here is how Google+ presents the entries by photographer:




Here just a few of the entries to provide a better view:


Jim Haner

Biker abstract 2.psd

Rob Patterson

LJK_7812-PC-2400 (2)

Rob Patterson

To see the entire collection (I don’t know how long Google+ will keep this available) click the link:

Make a Work of Art from this.

All these wonderful creation started with this photo:


My thanks to all who contributed,  “plused”, and commented! This was a lot of fun for all!


© 2012 Ludwig Keck


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