Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Making my Card

 Best wishes to all for the season of joy!

Beatrice had to wonder out loud about how I made my holiday card image. 

We don't get out much, and my photography has suffered badly. I did want to take some pictures of a church that we has on our errands. I also decided to take some photos at our Town Center. The Green is ringed with lights, also from a photography point of view, at bit sparsely. 

As I said, a bit sparse. So I decided to to do some cafe art manipulation. 

First I added some glowing lines with Topaz Glow.

That pepped up the figures. But they still looked a bit lonely. So into PaintShop Pro for some added touches. I duplicated and reversed the figure on the left. Moved that and the other figures into a tighter group. Stretched the lamppost a bit and added some glow to it. And there is my final result.

With the title "Fala lala lah lala lalah!" is is my greeting to all my friends, far and wide!

Of course. I could not leave well enough alone. Not when I get a happy message from Beatrice!
So some added light burst and a lot of work in Topaz Simplify and a half dozen layers in PaintShop Pro, and here another Happy Holidays to All!


Monday, December 14, 2020

Fala lala lah lala lalah!

 Fala lala lah lala lalah!
And best wishes for a joyful holiday season!

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Face Masks

Yes, I have succumbed ...

Sitting, as we are, in our studios, dens, or other corners of our locked-down homes with nothing exciting to do... 

You want to venture out? Willing to take the risk of meeting one of those bad viruses? Or worse, the neighborhood nanny checking up on the proper dress of the few passers-by, at appropriate social distances of course? 

Fear not! The solution is here. Yes, right here on this site.  Here is my offering to your well-dressed appearance in these times of doom. 

.:. © 2020 Ludwig Keck

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Lonely Studio

My Lonely Studio

Actually my studio is a pretty active place. There is always something brewing, or cooking, or in progress. Not many of my creations get shared. Those that do, are mostly proudly shown in my blog Silver Canvas. Prints of a much smaller group are also available at

According to WordPress I have over a hundred follower at Silver Canvas. In the WordPress Reader my posts show up in an fascinating way. The listings are fascinating in their own right. For several reasons. Let me show you some recent listings.

Aren't these fine images as they are cropped here? 

There is something else interesting in these screen clips. Note the little star symbol. Next to that are small numbers, not for all of them. The largest number is 4. That's how many readers saw and "liked" the image.  I'm not complaining. Three or four out of a hundred is actually pretty good response. 

What fascinated me is that I am one of the rarest seen artists. You, my dear reader, are most appreciated by me. Thank you for reading.

   .:. (c) Ludwig Keck 2020