Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blogger offers new designs, improved performance

Blogger took a major step today with a rebuild and modernization using the latest web technologies, HTML5 and CSS3. If your blog is hosted on Blogger be sure to check out what is new. You just may want to restyle the looks of your blog.


There are seven new designs with plenty of ways to customize the look and feel.

You owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities. Be sure to check out the backgrounds and other features.

imageOnce you have decided on a new look and clicked “Apply to blog” on each option page, there is one more important step.

Open Windows Live Writer, click the Blog Account tab. Then click Update theme. Moments later you will see your Live Writer showing the new design, fonts, and sizes.

Here is how it looks for my Café Ludwig blog:


If you are reading this at Live Writer Basics click Café Ludwig to see this post over there – and vice versa.

Happy blogging!


© 2011 Ludwig Keck

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Café Art

It has taken me way too long to come up with a name for my collection of playful transformations of photos. Much of my free time at Case was spent at the Cleveland Museum of Art across the street from the school, so calling these images “art” seemed totally sacrilegious. The term “café art” for images that I would be willing to see hanging on a wall is, I hope, acceptable.
The collection is newly “curated” – as I dig out older ones I will add them, and there will be new ones from time to time. Enjoy!
© 2011 Ludwig Keck

Friday, September 2, 2011

New photos from Stephen Blecher

Stephen Blecher added photos to his “Visiting Artists” gallery at Café Ludwig. Here is one of the new ones:

Click on the image to view the Visiting Artists Gallery page.