Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Food and Music

Food at the Peachtree Corners Festival

The Peachtree Corners Festival, on the second weekend each June, starts with a Friday evening concert. Here are some sights from 2017 showing the important part before the music starts: FOOD.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

All the best to you for 2018!

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Festival - Chinese Dancers

Chinese Dancers

A picture from the Gateway International Food and Music Festival - 2017, Norcross, GA

Gateway International Food and Music Festival 2017

My friends and followers know that I try out most anything. This posts test the embed code provided by Flickr. Yes, I know, that's heresy. The actual code does not work well because it contains the size the image is to be shown. Of course, that does not fit to the style template of this blog. I modified it for size. Other parameters are as provided. -- It should link back to Flickr. Try it.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

OLW Updated

Open Live Writer Build released

A new version of OLW was released May 23, 2017.

This update is a maintenance release, no new features were added.


For details see GitHub OpenLiveWriter

Update installs automatically – just open OLW, close and reopen.
To download latest version go to openlivewriter.org

Also see Facebook page   - Twitter



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Friday, January 27, 2017

Showcasing Fine Photo-Paintings

FAA Cafe Art Showcase Features

One of my joys is to host the “Cafe Art” group at Fine Art America. Over three hundred artists from around the world contribute delightful photo-paintings, photo-manipulations, and photo-abstractions to this group. Several times each month a number of submitted pieces are featured on the group home page and I select one, rarely two or three, to be “showcased” as particularly outstanding examples our our genre of work.

Today three particularly impressive street scenes are my choice to be so offered to visitors to the group site. Below are my picks. Each image links to the artist’s catalog page for the work at Fine Art America.

Tourists - Paris - Place Du Tertre by Nikolyn McDonald

Impressions Of Venice by Brian Tarr

1940s Times Square Rain by Susan Maxwell Schmidt

This wonderful tour of Paris, Venice, and New York should whet your appetite for more of the works of our fine artists in the Cafe Art group. Do visit the Cafe Art Group Home page.


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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Special Leaf

Throughout history the mighty oak tree was revered and oak leaves were used as awards, even signs of rank. Oak leaves have always had special significance, but this one is of special meaning to me.

Signs of Fall

Some three decades ago on a pack packing trip in the Cohutta Wilderness in northern Georgia I picked up a shiny, large acorn lying in the trail. I brought it home with me and proudly showed of my little memento from the trip. Not wanting to waste it , I stuck it into a clay pot with some soil and placed it among the growth at the end of my driveway.

To my surprise and great delight the next spring it sprouted and looked healthy. So I found a sunny spot alongside my driveway where I thought it might grow. And grow it did. It must have found the location to its liking. Years passed and it had matured into a fine specimen of a chestnut oak tree, a quercus montana, here at the southern edge of its natural range.

It started to produce acorns and some got away from the squirrels and fell on my driveway. I once again picked up shiny, beautiful acorns. This time I made some small holes with a stick in my back yard and dropped in the acorns, closing the soil around them.

These too sprouted and now we have the beginnings of a chestnut oak grove in our back yard. The tallest one of these second generation oaks is about ten feet tall. The photo above is of one of the leaves on these small oaks.

Signs of Fall

The “memento” oak now towers well above twice the height of our house.  Easily the largest keepsake I ever brought home from a trip to the mountains!

Signs of Fall


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