Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Afternoon in the Park

Just a 40 Minute Stroll

McDaniel Farm Park has been a favorite place for an afternoon walk for many years. Today the weather was like spring, sunny and warm, with the temperature at about 68 degrees ( 20 C). So after lunch we headed for the park. We have seen it literally hundreds of times, walked the same paths, greeted the same neighbors. Yet there is always something new for the camera.

Just nineteen photos was my “take” today, but I thought it would be fun to share a few. I selected eight – a rather large percentage, normally I am happy when I have two or three out of a hundred that are good enough to share. There is a moral in this story, but let’s hold that for the end.

Riprap Rocks – 2:44 pm

Riprap Rocks

The timestamp on this photo is 2:44 pm – just a few minutes down the trail from the start. The sun played nicely on some of the riprap rocks that were added to keep the trail from washing out.

White Bark Tree – 2:47 pm

White Bark

A few steps along and one the with barked trees gleamed invitingly in the sun.

Contrail in the sky – 2:51 pm


The sky was a cloudless, beautiful blue, undisturbed but for a plane dragging its contrail and passengers to a far away destination.

Water Strider – 2:55 pm

Me and my shadow - Water strider

The trail crosses several creeks, some tiny, some with little pools. A water strider was showing off. I call the photo “Me and my Shadow”.

Proud Weed – 3:03 pm

Silky light and spider webs

The path leads past some fields with dried out plants and weeds. Some are still standing proud. “Silky light and spider webs” is my title for this little view.

Trail Walkers – 3:05 pm

... and throught the woods ...

We share this trail with many others, some we have come to know over the years, others are just friendly strangers. Some stroll along, others use the park for a quick exercise.

Ranger’s House – 3:16 pm

Three Windows

As we come back to parking lot we pass the park ranger’s house. Two satellite dishes bring the world to the home. I call this “Three Windows” as that is what we really see in this photo. One looks out on the park, the other look into the world.

Park Gate – 3:19 pm

Boards and Shadows

The sun was playing on the park gate, the small one for the pedestrians, and providing interesting shadows. So this is “Boards and Shadows”.

Just eight memories from today’s stroll. Oh, yes, the moral!

I found many new things to see, to discover, in some very familiar surroundings. So I urge you to look up, look down, look close, look far, wherever you are. Even in the most familiar places there are views to capture, to share, to treasure. Take your camera and enjoy!


© 2014 Ludwig Keck