Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Evening in Duluth Georgia

Here in the South summer days are hot and when the sun is not broiling it probably is raining by the bucketfuls. Evenings, however, can be very pleasant. There are delightful gathering spots with plenty of entertainment, eating and drinking places, and sights to see. One such place is Duluth, Georgia.


Duluth has a great park downtown with a fountain and the “Duluth Festival Center” with a stage. On this particular evening the performing group is the “Dappled Grays”. I even created a couple of “paintings” of members of this group.

Dappled Grays

Musicians Violinist

Duluth has also a very imposing city hall. In front there are two “guard dogs”, you can see one of them below.




One of my favorite places, just across from the park, is 45 on Main Café. A great place for a good cup of coffee, some great food, and delightful entertainment.

LJK_9148-P4-1024 LJK_9156-P2-1024

Yes, that living room is part of the café, and the group clearly having great fun is “Threadbare Skivvies”.

Now don’t you just want to get up and come right down to Duluth Georgia?


© 2013 Ludwig Keck

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