Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Enhancing a Daffodil

 Over in my other Café Ludwig blog I did a mini-semi-tutorial on enhancing a photo of a flower. It is daffodil time, of course, so that is what Greasepaint for a Daffodil is all about. The end result is a comparison like this:

No, the slider does not work here. You can click the image to hop over to the other site.

If you find that post useful or interesting, I sure would like hearing about it.

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  1. Thanks, Ludwig, as I did go to the other site and saw just how much effort (easy for you by now) goes into enhancing an image in this case a lovely daffodil. By the way we have none here now, except in floral displays.

    1. Thank you, Beatrice. Our temperatures are in the high seventies. Hope that all that cold isn't too hard on you.