Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Waiting for the Light

 Sometimes I have fun looking for interesting details in my photos and art. The cut-outs of those parts I call "glimpses".  Here is one such "glimpse". 

This "glimpse" is from a cafe art photomanipulation that I called "City Street". That image in turn was derived from a photograph that I named "City at Dawn". Please click the links to see the images.

.:. © 2023 Ludwig Keck


  1. Ludwig, I followed both links to see this photo in its original color version. My preference is for the manipulation because lines are a particular fascination along with shadows.

  2. Thanks, Ludwig for the birthday well wishes and I plan to celebrate the entire year, as it should be. I also enjoyed your comment about how much $ would have accumulated from my birthdate based on interest. Hope all is well with you and that GA is warmer than the current 8 degrees here in my part of NH.