Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Gallery NEWS Page

In another post (“The best sharing site? How about a combination”) I presented my views on building a gallery site just the way I like by using a blog as the basis. Also mentioned was the idea of using blog posts to announce the latest additions. Here is an illustration of that idea as seen in the new Internet Explorer 9:


This is a really neat way to present the newest photos and other “gallery news”. My “news” page is prepared using Windows Live Writer, as are the other pages of the “gallery”. That is an easy and flexible way to prepare the material. The few glitches, like varying ways that browsers interpret the photo locations, are easily taken care of. I am quite happy with the technique.

Here the link to the gallery: http://galleryludwig.wordpress.com/

And to the news page: http://galleryludwig.wordpress.com/news/




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  1. Ludwig, this seems like a wonderful concept and I must devote a bit more time to following the link and looking at your gallery, other than a quick check tonight. I plan to start a strictly photo blog - one day. Then it would be great fun to show all my photos on one site. I plan to catch up on blog reading this weekend so I can learn more about what you were writing about here. Thanks, as always, for the info.

  2. Thank you Beatrice, I have heard from several others who like the idea of using a blog as a photo site. There are so many more options - size, position, links, etc., and the ease that Windows Live Writer provides in making posts and creating and editing pages. I am having fun configuring my site and adding more photos. I look forward to seeing yours soon.