Monday, March 7, 2011

The best sharing site? How about a combination

There are many photo sharing sites, and each has some desirable features. For me none offered all that I wanted, that includes a personalized look and feel, access to slide shows, panoramas, and more. imageMy solution is a combination of several with the “entrance” based on a blog.

This allows using the “photo album” feature in Windows Live Writer to create the page layout I like and to link to my SkyDrive albums.

Another advantage of using a blog is the use of posts for the “latest additions” announcements. image

Linking to various photo sharing sites, Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Shutterfly, and others makes the site fun to use and easy to maintain. Live Writer is my maintenance and update tool.

I can add to my SkyDrive, Flicker or Picasa Web Albums right from Windows Live Photo Gallery. With the links on my “gallery site” already in place, I need do nothing more. The photos will show up in the slide shows.

Other tools, particularly Microsoft Image Composite Editor, can be used to make panoramas or extra large images. These can be hosted on SkyDrive and displayed with “”. You will also find a 360 degree Photosynth image. All that is made possible by using a blog – no single photo sharing site can do all this.

My “Gallery Ludwig” blog is a work in progress. I will be adding more pages and links and, of course, photos. Enjoy. The photos here link to two of the pages.


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  1. Wow Ludwig! This is a brilliant idea! Hope you don't mind if I copy it and use your ideas for my photo blog.

  2. Delighted that you think this useful. By all means, use the ideas.