Monday, June 16, 2014


Peachtree Corners Festival

On the second weekend in June Peachtree Corners holds its annual festival. Here some views from the 2014 event. This post is really a test of Windows Live Writer and how it handles today’s Microsoft OneDrive and more. Click on some of the images to see what happens. Be sure to click on the panorama!
Walking Tree
Food at the Festival

For some technical details visit Live Writer Basics.


  1. What a perfect day for a festival, Ludwig. Viewing the slidshow with all the color so bold was great. I did like the panoramic shot of the vintage autos. We have seen many similar car showings and they are always such great photo subjects with all the details that have gone into the restorations by the proud owners.
    I haven't been using Live Writer in redent months, largely because it doesn't work with Apple products and I have a Macbook Air and an iPad as well as my older desktop HP, which has Live Writer installed. There is an off line blog editing program called Mars Edit for Mac, which I do have installed on the MacAir, but it is not available for the iPad😦
    So, I have resorted most of the time to simply posting directly thru Blogger and using collages and making these a large size. This gives me a change to show many images without making the post unbearably long if I showed each one separately as many bloggers seem to do. Recently, one blogger's post had over 20 large individual photos of a bird in a birdbath...cute sequences, but they could have been combined more effectively in 4-5 collage shots, maybe fewer.

    1. Thank you very much, Beatrice.
      Just as I clicked "Publish" to my reply I lost the Internet connection. Something that has been plaguing me lately.
      I was saying that I like your style of collages that are also available in a larger format. They do save space and make posts more interesting looking and approachable. Of course, you have the added advantage of being a great story teller with a captivating style!
      The repeated Live Writer collage in my post here were intended for testing to see how Live Writer handles the links nowadays. It is acceptable but nearly as nice as it managed "once upon a time".
      The online tool by Blogger (and the similar one by WordPress) are rather rudimentary. You'd think these folks would take a look at Live Writer and learn - or adopt it!

    2. Why do typos hide until publication? I meant to say that Live Writer handles the links in the little thumbnails acceptably nowadays, but not nearly as well as it did a couple of years ago. Microsoft has "orphaned" Live Writer, I think all the good programmers have left. Much has changed, especially with OneDrive, formerly SkyDrive, formerly Live Spaces, but, alas, LW has not been updated.

  2. Thank you, Ludwig, for the lovely compliment. It seems that I am hardly at a loss for words when posting as I do enjoy sharing details on places visited, etc. sometimes, I do get concerned over saying too much, but then I get over it.
    Yes, I did know that LiveWriter is no longer supported by Microsoft and as you said other blogging tools are basic by comparison, which is why I have resorted to the collage compositions and centering them most of the time. I do enjoy your posts and your technical explanations are quite thorough and interesting. You know far more of the technical aspects of both computing and photography than myself and I admire your skills.
    Whoops this is sounding like a mutual admiration society isn't it?