Friday, June 7, 2019

Evening Concert - 2

The Challenge of Blogger

Well, my previous post was cut short. Blogger refused to allow uploading images. Turns our Google had a wide area problem for several hours and I was trying to prepare a post during that time.

Now it should be a snap. So here are the photos I tried to show before.

Indeed they uploaded just fine. Blogger hesitated on just one of them but did the job.
Now for the story of making crowd panoramas see my other Cafe Ludwig blog over on WordPress. Here is the link to the post Crowd Panos.

© 2019 Ludwig Keck


  1. I’m glad that you were able to upload more of the concert photos, Ludwig. The fact that these were taken jn available light made me feel like I was watching the concert myself. My cell phone can do panoramas, but I am not quite good at them, so I will check out your link (thanks). Can you tell me your aperture and speed for these shots and were they done handholding the camera as well?

  2. Beatrice,
    That evening all photos were taken at f/5.6 and 1/250s. The ISO was set to automatic and varied with many shot at ISO 25600. I used a monopod all evening. To overcome the rather high noise I used Topaz AI Clear as the first step. Actually the settings were in order to see just how well AI Clear and Topaz DeNoise AI work. I am very happy with AI Clear. It can be used from Topaz Studio with can do batch processing. When I am done with my experiments I will summarize what I learned. The more technical articles I post on the "other" Cafe Ludwig.