Friday, May 31, 2019

Red Letter Day

What a wonderful day!

Anybody who remembers me might wonder why I haven't posted for almost a year. There were many reasons but no good excuses, so let's just skip ahead.

Today I got to meet the real people behind Beatrice and Grenville of the Frog and PenguINN blog. If you follow their blog, and you really should, you have learned of their vacation trip. They explain their journey in captivating and informative stories. 

It was a delight and real pleasure to have lunch with Dorothy and Pat and to chat about many things. We left way too many topics untouched. The get-together has given me the nudge to get back to my blogs and my many other friends out there.

So I will just quickly post this photo, lest I get bogged down in looking up how long I have been a keen follower of their tales ...

© 2019 Ludwig Keck


  1. It is really cool to meet up with blogging friends; glad you had the opportunity to meet up with Dorothy and Pat.

    1. Thank you Linda,
      Indeed it is cool. Blogging friends are real even if we rarely if ever get to meet and sit down for a cup of coffee and chat. Hope one day our paths will cross.

  2. thanks for your encouraging comment yesterday on my blog. Dorothy and Pat are headed to FL which is where I live, if the star align correctly we will meet somewhere.

  3. What a wonderful surprise to check your blog, Ludwig, and read this post about our meet-up. We really enjoyed our visit and the conversation flowed easily between people who had not met before. As you could tell, we are hardly shy about meeting people for the first time, and now we have a “new” friend in GA. Thanks too for the very kind words about our blog. Welcome back and looking forward to reading more of your posts too.

  4. Thank you Sandra and Dorothy, I hope you will be able to get together in Florida. It is a great joy to connect with friends from the blogosphere.

    As I tried to start back up into the blogging world I keep running into problems. I could not comment here from my desktop machine, so this is a try from my laptop. Jusy what is Google doing?

  5. So now Blogger has stopped recognizing me? I am signed in!