Friday, October 28, 2016

Rediscover this Day

Google Photos has a cute feature called "Rediscover this day". On the Photos page, in the upper left area there is a link, "Assistant". On that page there are some tool links, "Create new ... Album - Shared album - Collage - Animation" and below those a number of "Rediscover this day" "albumettes".
Today's albumette contains photos uploaded 3 years ago yesterday, October 27, 2013. I really can't remember if I shared any of those photos. I can't find any blog post with these images. Maybe I shared them in some other manner. It may be fun to share them here.

That "Collage" tool looked interesting. I had not tried it before. Here is a collage of some of the photos in yesterday's albumette. Here is the sad result. That tool is pathetic, not even worthy the name "toy". If Google wants to know how do do a real collage they should try their orphaned Picasa.
Here is the first image in is original aspect ratio.

This post was set up in the Blogger online editor - another gruesome tool. Let's see how it looks.

© 2016 Ludwig Keck


  1. I am a bit late to reading this post, Ludwig, but thanks for the informational tutorial. I have never used google photos myself.

  2. Hi Ludwig, after reading this post, I am glad that I didn't know about this new "toy" and I am still using the forgotten Picasa to create collages for my blog posts.

    1. Picasa is wonderful for making collages. Although Google gave up on it, it will continue to work. For me it is the way to do collages.