Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Colors - 2

Some of my readers were surprised to see automobiles in my post “Fall Colors”. Hopefully not disappointed, however. Now to continue to push my luck:


You must admit, the colors of fall are there.

Any day now our trees will get the message that the days are getting shorted and the air more crisp. Then we will see the expected fall colors here in the South.

Some notes about this blog:

Technical difficulties and other commitments caused me to suspend my “Weekly Photo” series some weeks back. Not sure how to pick this up again. Maybe some readers will share their thoughts.

There have been a number of gushingly worded comments on my posts that cleverly try to include a link to some commercial venture or non-existing site. Sorry, folks. This blog does not serve as a means of getting links. If you have comments on the topic of my posts, you are most welcome. Flattery will not get you a link here.


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  1. Hi Ludwig, I like this fall color and we have seen quite a few butterflies still around our area as well. And yes, we have received comments similar to the ones you describe. We always remove them because our blog is also purely for fun and non-commercial, which is why we also do not have any ads on it and never will because they are just annoying and don't even get me started about word verification, which really makes me crazy.