Monday, November 26, 2012

Cottonwood in Winter Frost

Once again a treasure from Stephen Blecher. He writes:

Hello Everybody, here is a picture that was scanned from an old negative. It was impossible to make a good print directly with an enlarger, because the the density range of the negative didn't match the print paper, so the set of negatives remained untouched. I recently came across them,  and with the miracle of Photoshop I could make interesting prints. This picture was taken near Chatfield in late November, under unusual conditions. It was very cold and fog was rising from Chatfield reservoir, as a result hoarfrost formed on everything, producing a uniform coating. You can see it's not snow. Since fog was still present, the visibility was limited and the sky had no color. The overall effect is quite somber, but it certainly gives the impression of a cold winter day. (The jpeg doesn't reproduce the sky accurately).

To see a collection of photos by Stephen Blecher click the photo.



  1. This would be a lovely holiday greeting card image, simple and beautiful nature shot.

  2. Indeed a great holiday card image. If anyone would like to talk with Steve about using it, drop me a line and I will get you in touch with him.