Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Weekly Photo (Week 32) Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers - Photo Gallery Auto Collage

Microsoft updated Photo Gallery – formerly known as Windows Live Photo Gallery. Besides the name change, the most notable new feature is “Auto Collage”.

Some four years ago Microsoft Research introduced  AutoCollage, an amazing and unusual collage builder. Face detection and automatic identification of interesting parts of photos, and smooth blending and arranging of the component pictures, made creating collages easy and fun. This technology has now been brought into Photo Gallery.

Sadly, the tool in Photo Gallery takes no instructions from the user at all. The results are pleasant enough, but there is no chance to tweak or adjust the resulting collage.  A minimum of seven pictures are required to make an “Auto Collage”.

I had a collage made in Picasa last Fall, so I used the same photos for an Auto Collage. Here, first the new Photo Gallery creation.


For comparison here is my Picasa collage. Picasa offers full control over placement, orientation, frames, size, and background, however, the components have “hard” edges. The results are quite different. Enjoy.



© 2012 Ludwig Keck



  1. Hi Ludwig, as you may know I regular use Picasa to create photo collages posted on our blog. But, after seeing this comparison it makes me think I should consider checking into how to use Microsoft Photo Gallery. The results are wonderful seamlessly blended. Thanks for the heads up and the visual comparison.

  2. Thank you Beatrice. Microsoft Photo Gallery is a fine program - after all, I liked it enough to write a book about it - but remember, it runs on Windows only.

  3. Yes, Ludwig I already know that it's like Live Writer in that regard (unfortunately).