Wednesday, March 4, 2015


On the Hunt

Photographers are a crazy bunch. They are dedicated, opinionated, persistent, enthusiastic, and always looking for things and places to photograph. They can make captivating images of mundane trash and find new ways to show thrilling sights. They drag their gear into difficult places, at odd hours, and take unreasonable risks to get their shot. They turn their cameras on most anything, why, even on each other!

Here then, my pictorial ode to my fellow photographers. You may smile and chuckle and wonder what they captured. Why do they do all that? The last photo in this collection should answer that question.

So why do we stick to our hobby? It’s fun!


© 2015 Ludwig Keck


  1. Ludwig, just viewing these photos of photographers was great fun. My favorites are the people photographing the fountain statue and the child taking a selfie in the last shot. Admittedly, I saw myself in many of those photos as I have also done some crazy things. As you said it's fun and this is why we continue to take images!

  2. Thank you Beatrice! Yes, fun it is! That kid in the last photo was actually taking photos of other people with his Kodak E15 video camera. He was pretty good at it too. Keep having fun!