Sunday, March 29, 2015

Painterly Transforms

Painting in the garden was totally out of the question, the sudden cold spell and the cutting March winds made being outside quite intolerable. My artist friends had retreated into the studio and were milling about looking glum. This was my day to host the group. There was Gustav, Joaquin, Vincent, Paul, Claude, Emil, well the whole gang was here with nothing to paint. So I tacked up a recent photo as inspiration and broke open the case of cheap French wine. Things got going and enthusiasm reigned until I rang the dinner bell. They all came rushing to partake in my culinary creations. Artist!! Always hungry!

This is what was left on the easels:

What?!  You want the sober version of this story? You got all the way down here only to doubt …. oh, alright.

I was testing Dynamic Auto-Painter PRO 4. This program for transforming photos into painterly images has a huge number, ok, 48, presets that emulate the style of different painters, even individual paintings. There are seemingly an endless number of adjustments and options so you can individualize the effect and style considerably. Even during the running of the automated process intervention is possible. Quite a powerful tool. It runs moderately fast. Output size can be controlled and there are other options. You can learn more on the Media Chance site.


© 2015 Ludwig Keck


  1. I'm so glad you included the paintings. Wonderful!!

  2. Ludwig, not sude but believe my previous comment was cut off and sent before completion. I am now able too see all the painting results which were slow to load up completely on my first viewing. And, your naming the painters who were in the session was a dead oun intended.

    1. There was no prior comment from you, Beatrice.
      I tried viewing this post on a very modest, and thus slow, computer. It was painful. Then I tried answering your comment and it was impossible as it tried to constantly reload. Using large source images that have to be scaled by the browser just is not a good idea. I will give it up.
      You know, Beatrice, you have been the inspiration for my attempts at humorous posts. I hope a few readers have gotten a chuckle out of them, even though they can't measure up. Thank you very much!

      P.S. I had no problem writing and publishing this post from a powerful desktop machine. They may be out of date and out of favor, but they are not yet out of power!