Monday, March 17, 2014

Southeastern Railway Museum

A day at the Southeastern Railway Museum with the SPS

Duluth, Georgia is home to the Southeastern Railway Museum with a marvelous collection of railroad memorabilia. Here a few photos and a bit of café art from a photo outing with the Southeastern Photographic Society.

Coming Out

The Southern Crescent



Railcar Truck

Railcar Truck


Faded Glory



Locomotive C.V. 21

Locomotive C.V. 21 coming at you.

All Aboard!

All aboard!!




Working on the Railroad

LJK11594-P3 (1600x1066)

LJK11595-P3 (1600x1197)

General II


© 2014 Ludwig Keck


  1. Ludwig, you have just provided us with us with yet another train stop visit when we do take that southern road trip. He had not heard of this museum before your post and thanks you for the photos. He was especially interested in the views of the restored cars. This looked to be a great photo outing for your group.

  2. Thank you, Beatrice. The Southeastern Railway Museum is indeed a fun and worthwhile place to explore. It is quite popular, there were over a hundred cars in the parking lot last Saturday! The admission is a modest $8 ($6 for seniors). The also run a train around the yard and a small one for kids. We have lots of neat places to visit here in Georgia, do come! - I will be doing a post (on another of my blogs) with some photos from the Carlos Museum - another must do!

  3. This looks like a great place to visit.

  4. Thanks for the added info, Ludwig, and I not only checked out the museum's website, and showed it to Grenville as well and we also appreciate senior discounts. And, of course, a train ride around the yard will also be on our itinerary. We may have to visit GA sooner rather than wait for our hoped for longer southern road trip. And, of course, we are both looking forward to meeting you!