Saturday, April 6, 2013


azalea blossom

dogwood blossom

Spring is here! Tomorrow we shine!


© 2012 Ludwig Keck


  1. Thank you Linda. Our spring has finally arrived. Pollen is beginning to cover everything.

  2. Hi Ludwig, nice to see your welcome spring post as I have missed seeing any new ones here, but know we all get busy with other things in it should be. I recognize the second photo as a dogwood tree bloom, but can't place the first one. As for is everywhere here too on the VA eastern shore and leaving windows open ensures a light yellow coating on surfaces. We have had some rain this week which will help to keep some down, and more rain is coming. At least my car will get washed off then.

  3. Thank you Beatrice. The first one is apple blossoms - I think. Many of the blossoms are gone already. The dogwoods are still great as are the azeleas. Lots of pollen still around, but Georgia is green once again.