Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Café Art

It has taken me way too long to come up with a name for my collection of playful transformations of photos. Much of my free time at Case was spent at the Cleveland Museum of Art across the street from the school, so calling these images “art” seemed totally sacrilegious. The term “café art” for images that I would be willing to see hanging on a wall is, I hope, acceptable.
The collection is newly “curated” – as I dig out older ones I will add them, and there will be new ones from time to time. Enjoy!
© 2011 Ludwig Keck


  1. Hi Ludwig, I enjoyed these and suspect you had fun altering some of the images. Cafe Art seems an apt title.

  2. Thank you Beatrice, Indeed I am having fun. A while back I made copies of some photos that might lend themselves to "tranformation". I will be adding more of these "ePaintings" to "Cafe Art". You know, there is nothing that encourages "wanna-be" artists more than a kind word. Keep looking in.