Sunday, October 8, 2017

Festival - Chinese Dancers

Chinese Dancers

A picture from the Gateway International Food and Music Festival - 2017, Norcross, GA

Gateway International Food and Music Festival 2017

My friends and followers know that I try out most anything. This posts test the embed code provided by Flickr. Yes, I know, that's heresy. The actual code does not work well because it contains the size the image is to be shown. Of course, that does not fit to the style template of this blog. I modified it for size. Other parameters are as provided. -- It should link back to Flickr. Try it.

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  1. The majority of pictures that I share on my blog are Flickr embeds. I have no problem with the size; works well with my blog template. I choose the 640 pixel size. I have been embedding Flickr photos since I began writing my blog in 2009.

    1. Hi Linda, Thank you!
      For some time now I have been uploading 1600px sized images to Flickr. That does not go well with the 640px column width here. Other than that it works just fine. The embed code does not work on WordPress blogs. WordPress strips out some of the code. I used to do mst of my post with Live Writer so it was not always apparent what would work and what would get mangled.
      Thank you for reading my rare posts. be well!

  2. I use Wordpress .. works fine for me.