Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Blog

Meet the newest member of the family

The “Café Ludwig” family consists of a number of sites. Something that is confusing or amusing to friends and readers. Now another blog joins the clan: Photography Notes and Tips. This is another Blogger blog.

Why? you might ask. The “Café Ludwig” collection of sites arose from the desire to test many of the offerings of blog services, hosting services, and various tools to provide knowledge and demonstrations to students and readers. With the addition of Google+ to the Google family some new features became available. This new blog will offer, just as the name proclaims, notes and tips about photography, much of it oriented to black and white photography. It is in a wide layout so photos can be shown large without needing to click and go to another site to view them. Comments and other features are oriented toward Google+.

If you are a Google+ user you will find that this new blog nicely integrates into the Google+ services. You comments are invited.

Photography Notes and Tips

Fear not, dear reader, here at Café Ludwig you will continue to see photos, stories, and more. You will find a new link to the PN&T blog in the sidebar on the left, just scroll down a bit to find it.

Come visit!

Photography Notes and Tips


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