Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Weekly Photo

My friends and loyal readers know how much I delight in playing with photos. “Café Art” is my term for my manipulated creations. This week in my “POW” posts –  there is one for photos, and one for “art” –  the two selections form an interesting combination. The photo selection looks more like my usual café art, while the manipulated photo seems almost realistic.

Together with “The Weekly Photo”, this project is almost concluded. I set out to post a “Picture of the Week” and a “Photo of the Week” almost a year ago. Some weeks were missed due to circumstances, but it was a lot of fun. Like most of my endeavors, there were multiple objectives. Few viewers discovered the POW pages behind the posts, and even fewer stumbled into the albums. These will be more accessible when my sites get “freshened up” in the new year.

Yes, of course, clicking on the images starts you on a trek. Enjoy the trips!


© 2012 Ludwig Keck


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  1. The photograph of the leaves is very colorful; nice one!