Saturday, November 17, 2012

Playing with Photos

For many years I have been a doodler. My dictionary defines doodle as “to scribble or draw aimlessly…”. Of course, I take issue with “aimlessly”, it has always been “just letting ideas flow”. These days I like to use a photo as a basis and see what “flows” when using tools like “Artistic Effects” in Word and other Microsoft Office apps as well as photo editing and painting programs. So it isn’t doodling anymore –  I am creating Café Art!

Here I will let you, dear reader, peek into the making of a recent opus. It starts with this photo of a young dear. It is my “Photo of the Week” – click on it to go to the post page at Gallery Ludwig.

This time I did not have a specific result in mind. I tried my usual favorites, especially the plaster painting effect that PaintShop Pro calls “Artistic Effect .. Topography”.

Young Deer

A number of variations later, I liked this:

Young Deer

The I followed another tack.

Young Deer

Young Deer

I played with many effects, made color and cropping changes and finally settled on this color pencil sketch for this week’s “Picture of the Week”. You can see it larger on the post page at Silver Canvas.

Do you like my choice? Do you prefer another one? Please let me know, I appreciate learning what others like.


© 2012 Ludwig Keck


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  1. Interesting effects, Ludwig. I prefer the next to the last one in this series.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.