Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Weekly Photo (Week 35) Tiger at the Helm

Tiger at the Helm

We were walking through the mall when we came upon a children's play area. Sunlight was streaming through a skylight like a searchlight beam on one of the rides. The photo illustrates the limited range in brightness levels that can be accommodated in a photo. To us the mall was brightly illuminated with the tiger in the boat just being in sunlight. Tiger at the Helm

In the photo even the ceiling lights are just grey areas, while the tiger and the boat look bright.

The investigative types among my readers might be able to derive the time of day from the angle of the shadows. I will spare you the effort: the photo was taken about 3:30 in the afternoon. imageI left the geotag on the photo to demonstrate how the different services can make use of this.

Here is how it looks in SkyDrive (only my own, location is not shared), Picasa, and Bing Maps as reached from “Map it” in Photo Gallery.





© 2012 Ludwig Keck



  1. Never tried geotagging with my phone because it is an "unsmart" model and wuldn't know how to do this...maybe the next phone will be smarter, or maybe I will.

  2. Phones are getting smarter and so are cameras. GPS is becoming more pervasive. Just wait a few months and see the new toys! (This line is good forever - there will always be amazing new toys next month.)