Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Links in Google+ posts

We all like to put our best foot, er, pictures, forward, but sometimes the best laid plans … alright enough, here is my point: When including a hyperlink in a Google+ post that contains a bookmark to a specific place on the page, the bookmark is removed from the illustration and link.

Here is an example. A post on my Google+ page shows this:


Note that in the link text I included the bookmark part “#A1209”. The text link works as expected. The link on the image and the link immediately above it, however, have the bookmark portion stripped off, and consequently do not go to the desired location.

At first I thought I had not inserted it correctly, that was not the case, though.

Moral: Be careful, things don’t always work the way you expect, and not always as advertised.

Here is the text link: http://silvercanvas.wordpress.com/pow-a2012q1/#A1209

Google Chrome also does not like “https” links as they come from SkyDrive, so edit out the “s” before inserting such links. That is not actually required, but will look better in the Chrome address bar.


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