Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunscreen for my Camera

On a bright, sunny day the sun can heat up dark objects in no time at all. My camera is black, carried on a neck strap, it becomes uncomfortably hot to the touch.  That kind of temperature cannot be good for the insides of the camera either. My solution is to dress the camera in white. Take a look at the picture.


A child’s t-shirt is just the perfect way to protect the camera from the unrelenting sun. My quick-connect neck strap goes through the sleeves. The t-shirt can stay in place to take a picture, with the bottom of the shirt pushed up over the lens, the viewfinder is accessible through the top of the shirt.

For better control of the camera, the t-shirt can be easily slipped up on the straps, it then stays out of the way amazingly well.

I have not drawn any unusual attention from any passersby, but I did have quite an experience acquiring the t-shirt. As an older person walking into a baby goods store immediately got me marked by the sales Well-dressed-cameraclerks as someone shopping for a grand child. Grand parents have a reputation of sparing no expense when it comes to buying a present for a grand child. So I was shown all kinds of fancy little shirts in all colors of the rainbow – except, of course, white. There was gorgeous lace trim, beautiful embroidery, thematic designs from baseballs to spacecraft. No plain white. When the clerk finally asked “are shopping for a boy or a girl?” my reply “neither, I want a t-shirt for my camera” really got me strange looks. I wasn’t sure whether they were trying to decide between calling security or for an ambulance. Trust me, delegate the shopping of a baby-size t-shirt to a young mother!

My camera stays cool, even if this is not the coolest in fashion statements. Should you see me with my well-dressed camera in a park or town, just give me a wave!

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